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The weird “sh-tuff” we're seeing since Covid

Hey friend,

Putting ALL politics aside, our clinic is focused on helping people feel better. At this point, everyone, regardless of your vax status or whether or not you've tested positive, we've all been exposed to Covid in one way or another. So what have we seen in the medical field over the past couple years as a result?

Well, allow me to be frank…

We have seen some, and I believe this is the technical term for it, “weird sh-tuff!"

Yup, I said it.

So what I mean by that is we will have a patient come in, who say for example, broke a bone when they were 6. The injury healed with no complications and then they had an exposure of some kind within the past couple months and all of a sudden there's extreme pain coming from where they broke that bone 30 years ago. So we are seeing age old injuries spring to life and they are worse then before.

How does that relate?

Well… this is just our theory but here me out…

For some reason, exposures to this virus are causing any little crack in our makeup, any little weakness to open wide up. We are hearing patients come in and tell us "no one knows what's going on." “It's so weird how it just came out of no where.” “Scans show nothing, lab work shows nothing…”

Like I said, weird “sh-tuff.”

Our approach to medicine has a very cool way of looking at patterns in the body and noticing when something isn't aligning. Our acupuncturist, Dr. Cory Nyenhuis, has developed protocols for such cases as above and we are seeing amazing results!

So if you or someone you know and love are having weird “sh-tuff” pop up and no one knows what to make of it, give us a call and let's see if our protocols would make sense for it!

With peace,

Chalee Nyenhuis, Clinic Director


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