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We have had the pleasure of serving the Omaha community for over 10 years and would love to thank our customers for all their kind words.

CHRONIC PAIN (Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Arthritis)



A person never realizes how lucky they are while all their body parts are working the way God intended.   My doctor gave me pain pills, left me bedridden from the dizziness they caused, with a Horrible headache from them pills!!! VERY BAD, Pain pills do not help Nerve & Disc Pain!!!!. Acupuncture helped me find a way to function, no Dizziness no Headaches. All I can say is Thankyou 4 Paths for giving me my Sanity & Hope Back 1 visit at a time. See you Wednesday. Thank God!!!!


I have had neuropathy for 16 plus years and have been to four different MD neurologists. They all told me the same thing, no known cure. In desperation I thought why not try acupuncture as medical science seems to have no answers despite the thousands of afflicted people like me. After 36 of 40 scheduled treatments, I am regaining feeling in my feet and legs. Thank you Cory and Chalee!


Cory is an excellent practitioner and has helped me with chronic pain and other issues over the years. I have referred others here who have also been very happy.


"Cory and fellow staff have helped more than my primary and specialist have. Been going to Cory for a couple years now. I chronic pain, CRPS in my entire right side, lower back fusion and nerve damage. Cory and his fellow staff will have you treated and back to your life, the proper life you deserve. It's definitely worth your time to go and see him. He is always learning, always improving. This is the place to heal. Go now, you deserve relief !! Thanx again Cory for everything."


I was a skeptic about acupuncture, but Cory not only changed my mind but my life! My chronic pain is amazingly better! Great atmosphere and extremely knowledge. Thank you 4 Paths!



As a Sports Med Kinesiologist-PT, I have found no one else that can alleviate my pain. Cory is very instrumental in going to the location of the channel within my body that is causing the pain and relieving for months at a time. I personally make trips to Omaha just for his therapy. I have looked in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Utah, to mention a few of my job locations with no luck. He is worth every trip of relief! 0



I was diagnosed with a tumor in my left hand, and the scar tissue mixed with inflammation has caused an incredible amount of pain. After receiving acupuncture from Cory, my pain had ceased and the swelling had gone down. I also had an extreme amount of heat that came off of the tumor, this also went away. I am now pain free for the first time in years. Cory is extremely professional and an excellent acupuncturist. I recommend him to anyone that is experiencing pain.



Very professional. Timely, wealth of knowledge. Herbs and acupuncture help with my chronic pain, stomach, sleep and bruising issues.

Cory is not afraid to do the research. He continues to advance his knowledge and practice.

I highly recommend his services



My first ever acupuncture treatment was fantastic. It was very relaxing and relieved a lot of tension in a chronic problem area. I will definitely be going back. Friendly providers and staff too!


I started my treatment plan with 4Paths in May of this year. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Cory's plan started with 3x a week, then 2x, and now 1x a week. Now I can get out of a chair without pain. I don't stagger when I walk (balance). I can wear regular shoes and not high-tops (ankles). I have less fatigue and more energy. Both Cory and Chalee go above and beyond and they care about you. At one session I mentioned to them how my chronic dry eyes were really bothering me - Cory ordered a tincture for me to take and Chalee ordered eye drops she had tried and liked. I don't have to put my other eyedrops in 14 times a day. Win-win.!





I visited Cory for symptoms from chemotherapy. I had been told it could really help me with side effects, but I was a bit skeptical. But I noticed a huge difference even from the very first visit. He helped me with fatigue, brain fog, and hot flashes (just to name a few). I highly recommend them!


The best in Omaha. Laid back atmosphere and friendly staff. Highly recommend.



Cory is absolutely amazing at what he does! In all honesty he is the only one I trust, he truly cares about each patient, and I always leave feeling refreshed, from both the treatment and his knowledge. Thank you so much!!!


Cory is great at what he does! I highly recommend him to anyone! Awesome customer service!



I was really nervous about acupuncture because I'm afraid of needles, and I was met with information and literature to help me learn about the practice as a whole!



Walk in feeling broken, walk out feeling great!
Very thorough and professional. Love the environment!



I have been to 4 Paths for a few things, and have always been met with courtesy and professionalism. I would highly recommend their services.



Cory did an amazing job with my pain that western medication/treatment could not. I have referred many family and friends to 4 Paths!



I had a great experience today with Cory. What an amazing moment. I feel like I can run a marathon right now! Looking forward my next visit next week ! Thank you for your recommendations and help



Corey is an excellent acupuncturist. I would highly recommend him to anyone actively searching for acupuncture or looking for an alternative treatment for problems contact 4 paths and Corey to get fixed up.



I went to Corey over 3 years ago for bronchitis since then I have not had it. So grateful

CG Byers

The medical team at 4 Paths Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine is professional, attentive, and compassionate. I experienced positive results from day #1, and they've continued now ~2 years later. Incorporating complimentary therapies, like acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine, to my Western healthcare has unquestionably been beneficial.





Cory is the absolute best! After multiple treatments, he fixed my knee problems. He’s my go to guy if my back is giving me any problems at all and I always walk out feeling way better than when I walk in. He genuinely cares for his patients and alway does what is best for your long term health! I can’t recommend him enough!



I have osteoarthritis in both knees with the right being worse than the left. Had my right knee scoped and did well for a few months. Was looking at having knee replacement and decided to try acupuncture and it



I have nothing but good results when seeing Cory. He is knowledgeable, caring and very informative about his treatments and ongoing care. Being a firefighter and having some nagging aches and pains he has been able to make things better. Just the best

has been great. Pain free I am able to run on the treadmill and my doctor is pleased with how I’m doing. Cory is great and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an alternative form of treatment.


Cory used acupuncture on my "old" (70-year old) knee more than 2 years ago. This was after using cortisone shots, braces, etc. Within a month it was pain-free and remained so. I was impressed with his knowledge and the facilities. I highly recommend his clinic.


I've been going to Cory for 5+ yrs to help with an old knee injury. One treatment sometimes 2 helps me get over some reoccurring issues. He also will give suggestions how to treat your ailments at home and provides Chinese herbal medicines that work just as good if not better than Western medicines without all those side effects. I highly recommend Cory.



I.am.ELATED!! My knee pain is GONE! I went to Cory with knee pain thinking 'maybe' this will work, but with definite skepticism since I've never considered alternative medicine before. Not only is Cory very relatable and kind during treatment, he is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. He explains things well, which was very helpful to me. I highly recommend him!



Cory is the best practitioner yet. This place is top-notch . In 2017, my sciatica cramped with a large knot beside my kneecap. It took me over 20 minutes to walk across my family room; the next day I went for a treatment, and followed up with 2 more. By the end of the week , I could walk without a cane. The treatment shortened my workman's comp recovery from many weeks down to just 10 days





Cory is a very knowledgeable healer. He has helped me through many health issues over the years due to work being hard on my back and joints. He is usually my first point of contact whenever I’m under the weather or in pain.


I went to see Cory to helped me with an old hip injury. I walked in feeling my age (57) and after 4 treatments I’m back to feeling 30... ok maybe 35 . He and Chalee are beautiful people. They make you feel comfortable and care about your healing journey. Needles are your friends. Lol.



I have arthritis in my shoulders and knees. After a few treatments I am able to walk and move my shoulders with no pain.





Cory is amazing. At about 7 months pregnant, I began to have sciatica - acute pain shooting down my right leg.  Cory has done acupuncture on my neck and back. The absolute best was when I was having sinus issues. After one treatment, my face cleared out and I was able to breathe. Cory is professional but witty, knowledgeable, and thorough. If you are looking for someone with experience, passion, and in-depth knowledge, Cory and 4 Paths is the best choice!!



I initially went in to see Cory because of an injury. He helped me recover from chronic pain in my neck, back, and shoulder. Since then, he has helped with other health issues as well including shortness of breath. He is very informative in any questions regarding mental and physical health. Very knowledgeable, professional, and makes you feel comfortable in helping you understand how to connect the well being of your mind, body, and soul.



Cory treated me for whiplash after all other treatments (prescription medication, physical therapy, etc) failed. The first treatment provided immediate relief, and the two following had me back to 100 percent. Highly recommend!!







I’ve been seeing Cory since 2016 for emotional and physical wellness. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped me recover from a traumatic event and I see him now for neck/shoulder/back pain. He always has great big brotherly-type sage advice and takes a holistic approach of blending intuition and science in his treatments and recommendations for me. I highly recommend his services for anyone who wants to feel better. 









I have been seeing Cory for years! He usually works on my back, but has also helped when I have a migraine ... and any other ailments that have come along over the years. I highly recommend him!





I've been going to Corey now about 6 months for acupuncture. I'm a hairstylist and I started having some carpal tunnel pain in my left wrist. My first appointment with him made a huge difference! I continue to go to him for some shoulder pain and maintenance on my wrists! :) So happy with his service and I highly recommend him!





5-Star Service for sure! I just started going to Corey a couple weeks ago and already I feel a huge relief from my back pain! I have been living with this pain for over 30 years and thought I would never find relief without surgery. Now I have hope! Thanks Corey and 4 Paths Accupuncture! You do amazing work!



This was a blessing to find. Cory has helped to not only make me feel better, but, to educate me in the holistic ideologies. Give it a try!!
A miracle worker for my lower back in just 2 treatments!! Still the best👍







I fell and hurt myself, and was referred to Cory by a vendor I know. I was nervous and had never done it before, but I liked that he had a doctorate in acupuncture. It also helps knowing someone who had positive results. Not only was it very relaxing emotionally, but I felt much better afterwards! I’ve gone a couple times now and recommend him !



Cory helped me with the effects of post concussion syndrome. After three sessions, my ‘full head’ felt lighter and more normal.




Cory has helped me so much in the past four months that I have been coming to see him for acupuncture. With his help I have achieved a balance with my diet that makes me feel energetic and healthy. I suffer from endometriosis and have not had any pain associated with it, either. The environment at 4 Paths is warm and welcoming. If you're looking to improve your quality of life, 4 Paths will be an amazing place to start and to get wonderful support!



I have a stomach condition I've been having problems with for years. And like most, I'm super busy and deal with a lot of stress. I started going to Cory Nyenhuis for acupuncture a couple years back and it helped a lot with my stress levels and I started feeling healthier, overall. He also recommended an herbal treatment that helped with my stomach issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I think he offers a great alternative to medical visits and prescriptions. NOT suggesting to get rid of your doctor or meds, but even a conversation with him could open up the possibility of other options. --Michelle I.






I have been in non stop sciatic pain for almost 4 months. It is so bad that I am off work for the next week and all of last week. I am scheduled for a hydrocortisone shot but to help till then, I got an acupuncture treatment Thursday and felt good enough on Friday to stand up for a shower. I got another treatment today and I am almost completely out of pain. HIGHLY recommended.





-Instant results for my sinus pressure, pain, and dizziness. Thank you Cory! Will definitely be a returning customer!





Went to Cory for an acupuncture session to attempt to get labor started when my baby was overdue. Cory is amazing, the clinic has a very relaxing atmosphere, and I did in fact go into labor within a couple days of my session. Highly recommended.