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Resistance Yoga
Steiner Academy
156th & Fort (SW plaza)

Offered in 6 week session packages. Next session begins on January 8, 2023!

We focus on building strength and then take the time at end the class with some juicy long yoga stretches!

I created Resistance Yoga because I saw a need to join both the strengthening workout world with the lengthening one.  I was doing an 8 week weight training program and loved it, but my body hurt because I wasn't doing the other side of that, the stretching.  I'm not talking about the 2-5 minute quick stretch at the end. I'm talking about the long deep holds that your body requires for nourishment and recovery.  On the flip side of that, doing yoga alone wasn't getting me the muscle development that I NEEDED in order to, let's face it, grow older with less age related complications like slowing metabolism and bone loss.  

So... I designed this class to join the two worlds.  Some fancy people like to call that "yin & yang!"

All classes are packaged in 6 week sessions.  This gives us time to grow and have a focus for our time.  All students are given access to my private Facebook group where additional content is available including at home sequences and access to past classes!  

Cost of 6 week session: $100

Yoga instructor Chalee Nyenhuis
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