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Resistance Yoga
Steiner Academy
3109 N 120th St.

Offered in 6 week session packages. Next session begins on April 16th.

Our focus is to build strength & increase mobility all while protecting our joints!

When I was creating Resistance Yoga, I wanted a program that was going to take the bodies physics into account so that we could work out with the least amount of collateral damage.  What does that mean?  Well, there are ways to work a muscle group efficiently and there's absolutely ways to "get fancy" and work hard without efficiency.   In a lot of cases this compromises our joints like our knees or low back.  Think compound moves like a split squat with a shoulder press.  Your legs and shoulders do not require the same amount of weight to reach fatigue.

My goal was to have a class that not only got students to muscle fatigue in a targeted group of muscles but didn't leave you feeling drained the rest of the day.  Working out isn't supposed to be something that leaves you feeling broken down and in pain.  It's supposed to add to the quality of our life and help us live healthier. 

All classes are packaged in 6 week sessions.  This gives us time to grow and have a focus for our time.  All students are given access to my private Facebook group where additional content is available including at home sequences and access to past classes!  

Cost of 6 week session: $100

Yoga instructor Chalee Nyenhuis
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