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Acupuncture for Sciatic Pain

aka: Sciatica

Acupuncture for sciatic pain, or sciatica, has been shown to significantly decrease the amount of pain that is experienced.

Sciatic Pain is associated with the sciatic nerve which travels from the lower back down through the hips and glutes (buttocks) and then branches off down both legs. 

Anyone who has experienced sciatic pain can attest to the fact that it can be an overwelming and even debilitating condition.  Symptoms show up in various ways including difficulty walking, shooting pains down one or both legs, a burning sensation, sharp electrical shooting pain, throbbing or aching that won't go away and is worsened with movement.

While traditional western treatments include prescribing pain meds and muscle relaxers, these often do not target the cause where-as acupuncture can.  Acupuncture can not only help with structural misalignments by releasing nearby tissue restrictions, it can help bring blood flow back to area and create an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.  This, along with the other protocols we've developed here at 4 Paths Acupucture, has been shown to bring substancial relief to our patients seeking relief from sciatic pain. 

Some of the causes of Sciatic Pain:

  • inflammation

  • bulging disc

  • spinal stenosis

  • sacral-iliac dysfunction

  • poor posture

  • pregnancy

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John Bracker

Cory was able to help me when others weren’t. My sciatic pain was bad enough that I was going to the walk in clinic to get a shot to block the nerve. After only a few visits with Cory I was able to start golfing again and the pain has not come back.


Val Peterson

As a Sports Med Kinesiologist-PT, I have found no one else that can alleviate my pain. Cory is very instrumental in going to the location of the channel within my body that is causing the pain and relieving for months at a time. I personally make trips to Omaha just for his therapy.


I have been in non stop sciatic pain for almost 4 months. It is so bad that I am off work for the next week and all of last week. I am scheduled for a hydrocortisone shot but to help till then, I got an acupuncture treatment Thursday and felt good enough on Friday to stand up for a shower. I got another treatment today and I am almost completely out of pain. HIGHLY recommended.

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