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Omaha Acupuncture Clinic

Serving our community since 2011

Acupuncture &  Integrative

T - 402-515-2412
3319 N 109th plz
Omaha, NE 68164

Northwest corner of 108th & Maple St.

West side of Maple Heights Plaza


Common conditions we see patients for:

Knee & Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Anxiety - Depression

Migraine & Headache

Chronic Pain

Neuropathy - Nerve Pain




Bells Palsy

Loss of Smell/Taste

Unexplained Pain

"My doctor gave me pain pills that left me bedridden from the dizziness they caused along with a horrible headache! VERY BAD. Pain pills do not help Nerve & Disc Pain! Dr. Cory helped me find a way to function with no dizziness & no headaches. All I can say is thank you 4 Paths for giving me my

sanity & HOPE back."

-Gina H.

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Have you ever been told by your doctor,
"There's nothing else we can do."

You're not alone.
Unfortunately many of our patients have heard this over and over again from their doctor.
In a lot of cases, we are literally our patient's last resort... with the BEST result.
We take that very seriously!
We are celebrating 10 years of helping Omaha find a way to feel better in their bodies, take back control of their health and regain their quality of life.


Acupuncture promotes natural healing.

It can enhance recuperative power & immunity, support physical and emotional health,

decrease pain, and improve overall function and well being. 

Our practitioner has has over 4000 hours of training and a doctorate degree in Acupuncture, making him an expert in his field.  With over a decade of experience, we have helped thousands of patients find freedom from pain of all sorts including neuropathy, migraines, debilitating back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain where surgery is the only option left from the wester world.

We help patients find relief from pain so they can focus on what truly matters!

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Articles about Psychology

Cory A. Nyenhuis, DACM, LAc

Our Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

  • CEO and Head Acupuncturist @ 4 Paths Acupuncture

  • Doctorate Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (San Diego, California)

  • Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (Tucson, Arizona)

  • 2 Year Clinical Internship at 4 Winds Health Center (Tucson, Arizona)

  • Diploma in Massage & Bodywork (Omaha,Nebraska)

  • 21 Years Martial Arts & Qi Gong

Chalee Nyenhuis

Clinic Director

Chalee is in charge of patient communications here at 4 Paths. She retired her position as a Licensed Massage Therapist after practicing for 10 years. She carries a certification as a yoga instructor with additional training in yoga therapy. She also heads "The Acupuncturist's Wife" Facebook group where we have a community of like minded individuals who want to learn and discuss health topics!  As an integrative part of our patient care she also supports our patients through their health journey with coaching & various health resources.

Kelli Hunt, RN

Registered Nurse

Kelli graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNMC in 1996.  Her career has included cardiac nursing, case management, Medicare review, Medicare appeals and a health coaching. Her smile is contagious and her energy will make you feel right at home and in good hands!

Sully Nyenhuis, Age 7

Office Artist

  • Sully is our 8 year old son and he takes his job as the office artist VERY seriously!  You will find his drawings placed around the office for your enjoyment and on occasion, he will hand you one personally!


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Review Gallery
Review Gallery

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Testimonials  2022 (1200 x 900 px)
Testimonials 2022 (1200 x 900 px)

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Testimonials  2022 (1200 x 900 px)
Testimonials 2022 (1200 x 900 px)

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Review Gallery
Review Gallery

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Join Our Facebook Community!

In this group we discuss all things health! It's a place to ask questions, engage in topics like nutrition, herbs and healthy lifestyle hacks.  

For January 2023, our focus is Macro Eating.  We will dive into the basics and how to incorporate it into your nutrition plan!

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We'd love to answer any questions you may have

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