What is it?

Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete natural health care system.  Practitioners of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have used this method of treatment to help millions of people become well and stay well.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing.  It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health, decrease pain, and improve overall function and well being.  It is a safe, and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. 

Did you know?

Acupuncture is the most widely referred form of complimentary medicine in America with 25% of MD's referring out for it.

What to expect during your first appt:


During the initial exam a full health history is taken.  Questions are asked regarding health, symptoms and lifestyle.  An appropriate physical exam may be conducted which may include a pulse and tongue evaluation.

Gathering this information enables our practitioner the ability to effecitively diagnose and detect any specific imbalances of the body that may have contributed to a person’s health concerns.  Our practitioner can then create a well structured treatment plan and project a timeline for care.

Adjunct therapies used during treatments


Works with the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid to restore balance and improve function.


Use of a tool in a scraping motion to release tissue,

heat & stagnation, drawing them to the surface for release.


A Chinese form of massage, therapeutic stretching and precise manipulation. 


Hooking up electrodes to the needles, facilitating muscle release and increase white blood cell count.


An herb is burned on or above the skin to warm & stimulate an acu point or effected area. 


Using a glass vessel as a suction tool on the skin to bring blood to the surface of an area and release tissues/muscles

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